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We send a minimum of 2 signals per day that you can use to trade!

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During the 5 days you will receive at least 2 signals per day.

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New traders can enjoy a 91% succes rate on our signals.

Our Features

Our features are built to complement each other – they work around giving you filtered information about the market, succinct, though comprehensive, and at the right time. Convenience is our primary priority, so that is what you get.

Instant Notifications

When it comes to trading it's important to catch the right moment. We provide push notifications on live trading signals, market news and sophisticated technical analyses to help you be on time – and profit from it.

Active Signals

Don't worry if you accidentally cleared your screen or missed one of our push notifications. Go to the Active Signals tab and you'll see a list of all currently active trading signals. Tap on each signal to reveal a deeper technical analysis.

Technical Analyses

Our experienced team of market analysts monitors the market daily and identifies trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity. We deliver our market insights in the form of short reports that help you analyze trends without wasting your time.

Market News

Financial markets are influenced by economics, politics, public affairs, and many other factors. It's crucial to stay up-to-date on current and expected events if you want to be a profitable investor. Visit our Market News tab to stay on top of trends!

Instrument Profile

We believe in convenience and quick decisions. We support and deliver signals for 65 instruments, including forex pairs, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies... you name it. We keep expanding the list so we can be your trusted one-stop shop!


The Performance tab gathers all signals in one place. It helps you track their performance in chronological order.

What is Signal Forex Gratis?

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Frequently Asked Questions


We are a team of traders with 10-year-old experience in thе Exchange sphere. During the years we have decided to unite all of our knowledge and skills and make them available for you, our customers. If you need to obtain information about FOREX trading and all the abilities for change and abundance, this is the right place! Nowadays, running a business straight from home is a quite attractive way for most of the people abroad. But it’s of a great importance for you to remember that Stock Exchange trading is not easy. The difficulties are mainly concerned to make some profit and that’s why we are the professionals who will make things happen. When you open “the door” and “enter the world” of FOREX, you will meet some unsuspected possibilities for you and your prosperity.
You can receive our signals via Telegram app or via email or via your account in signalforexgratis.com. In order to receive our signals immediately with sound notification, we advice you to use Telegram app
if your broker have 4 digits, 1 pips = 0.0001 GBP/USD buy 1.2797 TP1(take profit) 20pips = 1.2817 TP2(take profit) 50pips = 1.2847 TP3(take profit) 100pips = 1.2897 SL(stop loss) 45 pips = 1.2752 if your broker have 5 digits, 1 pips= 0.00010 GBP/USD buy 1.27970 TP1(take profit) 20pips = 1.28170 TP2(take profit) 50pips = 1.28470 TP3(take profit) 100pips = 1.28970 SL(stop loss) 45 pips = 1.27520 JPY pairs: if your broker have 2 digits 1 pips = 0.01 AUD/JPY buy 84.42 TP1 20pips=84.62 TP2 50pips=84.92 TP3 100pips=85.42 SL 45pips=83.97 if your broker have 3 digits 1 pips = 0.010 AUD/JPY buy 84.420 TP1 20pips=84.620 TP2 50pips=84.920 TP3 100pips=85.420 SL 45pips=83.970

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